Maelstrom Demo

The battle for Earth begins

Malestrom takes place on the devastated future Earth of 2050 after an apocalyptic ecological disaster. In this savaged world water has become the most valuable of resources and divided the remaining humans into two factions. Now, they must wage war agains the invaders and each other in a desperate struggle for supremacy and survival.

Advancing the innovative gameplay mechanics of Perimeter into a contemporary sci-fi game with action packed tactical gameplay featuring upgradeable transforming units.

It's all-out destructive was as you batlte for control of the entire planet against fearless aliens, an army of high-tech super soldiers and a rag tag crew of human survivors.

Have a look at what this game offers:

  • Genre-redefining RTS gameplay featuring deformable and destructible landscapes
  • Three unique races to choose from for a higl level of tactical options
  • A gripping storyline from respected SF writer James Swallow
  • A cutting-edge graphics engine bringing combat to life like never before
  • Upgrade units to deal with specific battlefield situations